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Delta Group of Company Cleaning Staff


Many of our staff have been with us for years (some as long as 15 years!), and we only employ professional cleaners. People are always moving on as their personal lives take them in different directions, but on average, our crew members stay with us for 6 or 7 years, which is quite an achievement in the industry. Delta Cleaning Services Australia, Canada and New Zealand provides staff with opportunities for promotion (our Supervisors and Operations Managers were all promoted from within the ranks) because we believe that the best way of attracting and keeping quality staff is to ensure that there is a career path. We also invest heavily in training our staff, both at the outset and on an ongoing fashion, we know that our supervisors and managers understand our expectations for every job.



New staff members are taken through a detailed in-office training program which covers our:


Company Values;




Processes & Procedures;






Good Manufacturing Practices;


Occupational Health & Safety;


Specific to Site..

John Moore: Director

General board of directors,Australia, Canada and New Zealand

John Cambell: National operation Manager

Rosevelt Walters : Finance and administration

Belida Middlefield: Business development Manager

Ongoing Training


With every promotion and added responsibility staff are provided with all the resources needed to complete the job with excellence. From new machinery, and processes, to management training, and other development programs, we ensure that our staff have confidence in their ability to complete the work.


On-Site Training


Every site has its own particular variations on the process. The site systems and checklists ensure that tasks and processes are clearly spelled out, but we don’t stop there. At every new site there will be anything from 3-days to 2-weeks of supervision and training to ensure that everything is being done according to the requirements.


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