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Professional Cleaners Wanted!


Orbit Cleaning Services is a fast-growing privately-owned cleaning service specialising in


commercial and industrial cleaning. We supply permanent, part-time and casual


cleaners to our clients, and we take pride in the quality of our work, and our workers.



If you are looking for:


A long-term career in the cleaning industry


Training and skill development


Opportunities for promotion and advancement


Then Delta group of company Cleaning Services Australia may be the place for you.


We have clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and are constantly expanding.


We recruit supervisors and managers from within our company so we know that they


share our service standards, and our commitment to excellence. Many of our clients are


in the food manufacturing and medical industries, so quality control and maintaining


high standards of hygiene is mission-critical for the survival of their business.


Our commercial clients also choose Delta Cleaning Services because they don’t just want offices that ‘look clean enough’ – they are professionals who care about the details and they want CLEAN!



We look for staff who are:








-Willing to learn.


We invest in our staff and offer opportunities regular training both in our office and on our sites for their personal and professional development.


We are not interested in people who just want a job for a couple of months to fill in time, or earn money before they move on.


If you are interested in a career in the cleaning industry, understand the importance of


your contribution to our clients’ success, and would love to demonstrate your


responsibility and willingness to learn our ways and climb the Delta  Cleaning Services ladder, please contact us on +61 488 879 162.

Who we are

In 2008, with the help of a bulldozer loan secured on nothing more than a handshake, Michael Gutt started building supply roads for many companies historic discovery well in Leduc, Alberta. With that, Leduc Construction was born.

Modest, steadfast, clear in his convictions, Bill set out to shape his young company with a compelling vision of how business should be done — with integrity, accountability, and with an insistence on quality and customer service. And he did just that.

In both size and diversity, today’s Delta is a very different kind of company than the one Bill started decades ago. Yet under the leadership of his son Dave, Bill’s values remain a part of everything we do.

Our Vision

Forward. Together.

Our Mission

Committed to building Delta Lifetime Clients through accountability, innovation, quality and sustainability.

Our Values

These are our values and we live by them:

  • Safety -  Zero accidents through best practices
  • Quality - Continuous measurements and improvement
  • Integrity - Ethical, honest, consistent, highly regarded
  • Sustainability - Balancing People, Planet, and Profit
  • Success - Client and employee satisfaction, shareholder value


Delta is Canada’s undisputed leader in the field of healthcare security serving more than 300 healthcare facilities across North America. Led by Don MacAlister and Jeff Young (Immediate Past President of IHASS),recognized leaders in the field of healthcare security, our nationwide team provides the most advanced safety and security solutions for the healthcare industry anywhere in Canada. Protecting patients, caregivers, visitors and assets while delivering value through a patient-centric lens.



We recognize the differences between healthcare security and other security business lines, we have

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Paladin is well versed in the fundamentals of healthcare security including the complex and strategi

We cherish your security